5 Dishes You Must Try From The World

If you are a food lover, you must try different foods from around the world! From Western dishes to exotic Asian dishes, there is so much to do.

Food from Central Asia and Mongolia – Mongolian cuisine

You may have heard of the Mongol Empire since the 13th century. A Mongolian trip is a must-see destination. Mongolian / Central Asian foods are simple, easy to prepare and quite simple. National dishes such as Khuushuur and Khorkhog are a testament to the nomadic way of life. As nomads, most of them move with a stock of animals. Thus, their diet is rich in dairy products and meats without a lot of spices or extra ingredients. You might think that the taste is bland without extra ingredients and spices, but the quality of the meat and organic produce make up for it.

American foods – Burger

Most American foods are comfort foods that are easy to prepare, but they taste so good. Burgers and pizzas are the staples of American culture. Wherever you go, you will have the opportunity to try different types of hamburgers with different recipes. Although Burger Kind and McDonalds are the best known places to visit, try going to the local burger restaurants. There are many different local burgers or pizza restaurants and depending on the state, each place has its own unique way of making hamburgers.

French foods

The French are known to have eaten very slowly and prefer to talk for hours and hours. Cheese and wine are of course the stereotype of French foods. However, it says something about French culture and food. Although French foods are served in smaller portions, the preparation that goes into the preparation of dishes, the mixture of ingredients, the tools used to make the kitchen is a totally different experience. You will not be much filled, but every little bite is worth the wait.

Southeast Asian foods – Thai Dishes

If you go to South East Asia, you will find lots of kiosks and stands where street food is offered. By street food, we mean the current dishes and foods that will keep your stomach full for the rest of the day. There is the Thai dish, the mango with sticky rice. Chicken fried or sautéed with vegetables and other mixtures.

It’s fast, easy to do, but very rich and above all, it’s very cheap. A typical street food dish would cost you about 1-2 euros.

Slavic food – Borsch

If you have not tried Kvass, this is something you should try if you visit Eastern Europe. Fermented bread has never been so good! It’s a mix between Coca Cola and Beer. The Slavs even make soup with Kass by mixing vegetables. With the exception of Kvass, Slavic foods are mainly homemade and the taste varies from household to household. From Plov (rice mixed with meat), in Borsch, Slavic foods are simple foods prepared in a loving home.