Going on A Food Travel Trip

Not a lot of people consider going on a trip that is mainly about food. Instead they choose to travel because they want to see some sights and open their eyes. However, why not open your taste buds and enjoy the different flavours from around the world?

Depending on the world regions, you have people from all walks of life and corners of the world that make interesting foods. For example Southeast Asia is known to put a lot of spices and hot flavour in their foods, whereas the Middle East likes to put salt, oil, and other types of spices that are not common in South East Asia.

Not are the foods different in different regions, but also the environment and culture for eating foods are very different! In Europe people sit in cafes outside the street for hours and hours while sipping a glass of wine, while some places are only indoors and don’t allow you to go outside, so it depends a lot on where you are.

Some Great Destinations For Food Travel


If you like classy culture and a way of eating foods that is more of an experience than your actual taste buds, try going to France. France has the culture of eating food not for the food, but for the experience and socializing with friends, family, and new people.


You have not eaten real pizzas unless you have tried pizzas from Italy. It is nothing like your pizza and dishes from fast food restaurants. There is a completely different standard for how they make their pizza, with a particular set of methods. There are a lot of toppings that you might not even be aware of when it comes to pizza.

For pasta, pizza, and a romantic evening in Venice, Italy is the place you must visit.

Southern U.S

Or perhaps maybe you are into simpler foods that don’t cost a lot of money, but just really good? Then Southern U.S is the place to go such as Louisiana, Georgia, etc. These places are the origin of comfort and soul foods that are simple but yet made with such love and care that the food is amazing.

Be warned though, you will have to eat a lot of calorie dense foods with a lot oils, so maybe this is better reserved for people who are skinny and low cholesterol levels. Because you will be eating burgers, pizzas, ribs, and BBQ everyday.


Japan in general have the lowest BMI in the world and are very health conscious. They mainly eat seafood with a lot of vegetables. If sushi is your thing, Japan should be your next list on where to go. From different types of fish to different rolls and healthy types of foods, Japan has both flavour and culture packed in one!