How To Prepare The Most Amazing Cooked Beef

There is a food preparation method that the Mongolians use to slow cook their meat and it’s just absolutely amazing! The preparation takes a lot of time and you need fresh organic ingredients, but once all the ingredients have all been rounded up, the cooking process is very simple and easy.

Here Are The Steps

Get quality Meat – You should get organic meat, or better yet if you travel to Mongolia, you can stay with nomads, herd animals, make mongolian fur pillow, or whatever nomads usually do, but eventually you will have a feast.

When there is a feast usually Mongolian nomads will pick a sheep, goat or a cow that and slaughter it. It’s very fresh and organic meat, but if you live in an urban environment outside Mongolia, try your local farmer’s market or buy organic meats from your eco-friendly stores.

Prepare the ingredients – You will need potatoes, onions, salt, carrots, and maybe some stuff for salad if you prefer.

Put some water in a water tank – The tank needs to be stainless steel, aluminium, or other metals that will act as a container and tank for the food. Usually 20 liters to 40 liters is recommended, depending on how much people will be at the feast.

Heat up the stones – You can use a blowtorch, a furnace, or whatever to heat up the stones to higher temperatures. After heating up the stones, proceed to put the stones in the water tank.

Put all the ingredients in – After that, put all your meats, potatoes, and food ingredients into the tank and seal it up very well, leaving just a little vent for the pressure to escape.

The point of this is to make the stones cook the food from the inside. So it is a little different than open grill or fire, because you are letting the heat of the stones to cook the food and prepare the dish.

You can actually put some rice in the water tank if you want a rich soup with rice. Anyways, after 30 minutes or so, slowly open up the tank, slowly! If you suddenly open it, the pressure is going to be very strong and you might burn yourself from the steam.

Take out all the cooked food and share it with your friends and family! You don’t need fancy ingredients, spices or anything, the stones should have cooked the food in a very interesting way that makes the taste unique and tasty.

Mongolian traditionally pass around the stones and hold the stones in their hands for health reasons and also just as a tradition and custom.

It is recommended that you just visit Mongolia, and try the authentic experience yourself out in the countryside.