Tsuivan – Mongolian National Dish

Ingredients: (4 portions)

Wheat flour 400 g
200 g of carrots
Rounded cabbage 200 g
100 g of sweet peppers
Soya bean protein 40 g
50 g of onion onion
100 g of vegetable oil
Maggie sauce 20 g


Prepare long thin slices of carrots, round cabbage and sweet peppers, shredded with onions, shredded with finely ground flour and finely ground flour or steamed flour.
Stir the flour thoroughly until it is thinner or steamed. Prepare long thin slices.
Soak the soy protein in the water and filter the water after washing, then make it soaked in a frying pan with soy sauce (sauce), mushroom sauce, vegetable oil and black pepper.
Put on a greased hot plate and turn onion yellow carrots and gently squeeze the mixture into rounded cabbage and sweet peppers. Add flour, black pepper and basil leaves, add flour and vegetable oil to the pan and add 10 to 15 minutes of baking.
Add the spiced soybean protein, vegetable oil, and mix thoroughly.
You can sprinkle fresh cucumbers or green onions.